Foundation 6 Card Shortcode

Foundation 6 Card Shortcode Example


Dany on Drogon!
dracarys – (“drah-KAH-ris”) The High Valyrian word for “dragonfire”.

Use the following shortcode examples to manually insert a Foundation 6 callout.

Shortcode Attributes

[f6_card] has seven possible attributes:

  • show-title="true" – true or false: Show or hide the Foundation 6 Card title
  • title-text="The Card Title" – Text to be displayed as the card title
  • title-element="h3" – HTML text element: Enter an element such as h3, p, span, etc. Do not add the angle brackets on either side of the element name.
  • img="" – Enter a fully qualified URL to an image.
  • img-alt="Image alt description" – Enter an alt description to be used on the card image.
  • width="100%" – Percent or pixel width of the card. Must include % or px after the number.
  • custom-class="anyClassName" – Enter any class name you want, or leave blank.

Or add the shortcode with a few clicks of the mouse using Visual Composer. Check out the screenshots below!