Foundation 6 Shortcodes for Visual Composer

Foundation 6 Elements in Visual Composer

With Foundation 6 Shortcodes for Visual Composer you can easily add various Foundation 6 elements into WordPress posts and pages. If you have Visual Composer installed then this plugin makes it even easier to drop in your favorite Foundation 6 elements. The shortcodes in this plugin work with or without Visual Composer, but it is much easier and intuitive to use it in conjunction with Visual Composer.

You can also use this plugin even if your WordPress site does not have Foundation 6 built into the theme. Foundation 6 Shortcodes for Visual Composer comes bundled with the latest Foundation 6 JavaScript and CSS. Its not enqueued by default, but can be turned on with a simple one check option!

Full documentation and shortcode examples are in the works, check out what’s ready now here!

Additional Shortcodes are also in the works, they’ll be coming soon! Buy now and get the free update when they are added!